Discovering Feelingmind

Doorway to a New Era of Thriving

A Breakthrough

Twenty-five years ago I was struggling with the roller-coaster mood swings of bipolar disorder. Twenty-four years ago the bipolar disorder ended, dramatically, in the space of a single day.

The events of that day shattered my expectations about the human mind and catapulted me into exciting new territory. 

Joe Shirley, developer of feelingwork, investigator of feelingmind

New Territory

Feeling, mood, emotion — these are not the secondary, physiologically-mediated epiphenomena we have come to believe them to be. 

Yes, emotion expresses the body’s responses to threats and opportunities. But laid on top of that is a profoundly complex and intelligent layer of feeling which serves as the foundation for all human agency.

New Possibilities

Feelingmind is a thing unto itself, an elegant capacity that the trajectory of our cultural development has led us to denigrate and suppress to our great detriment.

I have spent the last quarter century investigating this feelingmind. I believe what I have learned has the power to initiate a new era of humanity — an era of congruence, creativity, peace, and thriving like nothing we have ever known. It also has the power to open your own personal life to this magnificent thriving just as soon as you step through that door.

Mapping Feelingmind

The images you see here are maps of specific, unique feeling states, drawn by myself and my clients as we’ve gone through a process I call feelingwork. (The more complex images above are composites of nine feeling states in full sets.)

Feelingwork gives form to feeling. It brings the ephemeral into tangible relief and grants us the power to interact directly with it. In so doing, we very efficiently reveal the underlying structures that drive our separation from life. We resolve those structures, releasing ourselves back into an inherent trust and intimacy with the wisdom and power of feelingmind.

What's Next?

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And the Possibilities…

But how many millions (billions?) of people are living with their own Vicious Enforcers holding them hostage from within? The tragedy in my personal story is not that it took me decades to liberate myself. I would not trade one second of my journey for any other.

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The Enforcers in Us All

I am extremely lucky. Normally this sort of internalized violence gets passed down from one generation to the next. That could easily have happened through me as well. I had absorbed the essential ingredients to become an abuser or worse.

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Reflections on Liberation

At the time I completed this set, I was very hopeful about the impact of the Liberation set in my life. Immediately I felt a convergence of energy toward more successfully sharing my work in the world. But it didn’t last all that long. Within a few months I was back in a loop that kept me from moving forward.

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The Full Shift: Authority becomes Liberation.

It’s always nice to see the visual summary after doing all the work to map and move a full set. Here’s what the set looks like, moving from Authority to Liberation. Below the image is the sequential listing of states as they were mapped and moved.

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