A Bridge to a Higher Power

I worked with Gina in three sessions over the course of a year or so. Here is what she said in an interview a few months after our last session:

The biggest thing that I remember pulling out of the first experience was, we actually created, in the session, new feelings for me. And I remember giving them names, an ‘identity.’ So I had this list, I came home with this list, and I remember looking at it for the next couple weeks. And seeing that these feelings were always here and they were always possible, and by naming them and giving them an identity, I could go to them right away.

But there was a feeling that would pop up from time to time, an actual, physical, physiological reaction that totally paralyzed me in my life when it occurred. And it was the scariest feeling I have ever experienced. It’s like my body would just get trapped in the terror. That was what we addressed in the second session.

Joe’s technique took me into it, and asked it what it needed to heal. That moment, when we transformed that feeling, was, I totally remember: It was like I just created a bridge to a higher power that is this amazing, unconditional love and safety, and just, everything is OK.

I can’t even remember what it feels like to have that space of that fear and that paralyzing feeling. It was a part of me, but the other is so much more powerful.

And that was the biggest stepping stone to where I’m headed now. I truly believe that was the biggest limitation I’ve had in my entire life. The result was incredible. From that day on, I’ve been resting easy and in excitement about my project and about my future. And it’s done, pretty much. We’re editing. All the stuff I was afraid of that I thought I couldn’t do, it’s done!

I think the biggest piece of it is, before that moment I was still hiding myself from the world. I kind of chose who would believe in me and who wouldn’t, and then after our session, it was like, it doesn’t matter who believes in me and who doesn’t, this is who I am, this is just who I am. It would be like taking my body and trying to turn it into something other than it is.

And I got that really clearly, so now everybody in my life and in the world knows me as a budding film director and that’s the way it should be. And that’s really cool!

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