A Look Ahead at What’s Coming

Over the past few weeks I’ve been mostly curating existing content from The Feeling Path, past websites, and a trove of other writing. I want to glean the best of what I’ve got to serve as a foundation for the site, and in the curating of it, to see better what I’ve got, and what I don’t.

Largely I’ve had this focus because the bulk of my time right now is devoted to copy editing and design tweaks for Spring’s upcoming book, The Resonance Code, and I don’t have the space to create new work of my own just now. But that seems to be working out just fine. It does feel right to get the curating done first, at least a first round of the stuff that’s easy to harvest. At the same time, I am eager to move into the next phases of building out the site. Let’s say this curation phase is just the setup. I see three development phases to come, (and of course it’s more than likely they’ll blend into one another).

Phase One: The Science

The first phase is about laying down a foundation for a science of feeling first, a more general science of subjectivity second. I’ll be referencing existing ideas in the philosophy of science, but reaching further into what I see is made possible by the Feelingwork mapping process. I want to reach quite far if possible, into taking on some deeper questions about the nature of reality, and consciousness in particular. I’m not sure whether my vision will be clear enough or my articulation lucid enough to establish a ground others might want to walk on, but that will be my goal.

Phase Two: Commentary

The second phase is about applying the framework built around the new discoveries and understanding about feelingmind to assessing the current state of the world along many lines of inquiry. The clear centrality of feeling in the architecture of consciousness, along with its substantial wisdom when functioning optimally, stand in stark contrast with the way feeling is currently held and dealt with everywhere in human activity. This contrast suggests clear and strong critiques of current practices in a wide variety of fields, and opens up very distinct suggestions for improvement for everyone. It feels like this line of development of the work is something that could occupy me for the rest of my life, but for now I want to at least get started.

Phase Three: The Vision

The third phase is about joining the science and the commentary into articulations of what might be possible if we were to place feeling at the center of human activity. I see this shift as essential if humanity is ever to move on from the current era, and I see many obstacles to its fruition. But in this phase I want to devote significant energy to painting a vivid picture of the reward for doing the work to accomplish this shift.

Want to dive in more deeply to feelingwork and further explorations of feelingmind? In 2020 I’ll be I’ll be opening a learning and practice community with live, group calls where we can go much deeper into the material and practice the skills. If you think you might be interested, please check out the community website at enteleos.com. If you might prefer working with me one-on-one, consider booking a private pession. If you’re already clear about what you want, contact me. Looking forward to connecting!