Feelingwork: Instructions on identifying feeling states, mapping and moving them, and integrating the transformations into one’s life. Useful for solo work or facilitating others.

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Identifying Feeling States to Map

To get started, think about an area of your life with recent strong feelings, something that’s current and alive for you right now. Reflect on your experience of that. Jot down a short list of feeling states you felt in the course of this experience.
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Varieties of Sadness: Part 2

In today’s post I’m sharing 10 more unique maps of feeling states to which people gave the name Sadness or something similar. Again, see if you can imagine what each unique state might have felt like to the person mapping it.
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Testing Your Feeling State Map

Mapping is a bit like sitting down with a police sketch artist to draw the bank robber’s face. When you put it all together you experience an instant of recognition.
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What can Feelingwork do for you?

Perhaps you, too, have lost some of your natural-born connection with feeling. Because our culture has exiled feeling in its pursuit of control, you haven’t had much choice about this. Feelingwork restores feelingmind to its natural functioning.
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Three Steps to Liberation

To undo the toxic effects of suppressing feeling, Feelingwork turns our attention directly into the distress. The pure purpose of feeling is to be felt, and we honor that purpose.