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Articles on Mapping Feeling States

Identifying Feeling States to Map

To get started, think about an area of your life with recent strong feelings, something that’s current and alive for you right now. Reflect on your experience of that. Jot down a short list of feeling states you felt in the course of this experience.

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Supporting Your Focus on Feeling

For some people, focusing on feeling comes naturally. For others whose primary attention is captured by the senses or mental activity, bringing awareness to feeling can take a bit of practice. The following tactics can strengthen the results you get from your practice.

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Articles on Moving Feeling States You've Mapped

Articles on Integrating States You've Mapped and Moved

Integration: Overview

Once you’ve shifted a feeling from its reactive state to its ideal state, what’s next? You might think the goal is to promote the ideal state, to seek to maintain that state at all times. This idea is based on outmoded concepts of how feeling works.

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Integration: New Choices

After you’ve shifted a feeling from its reactive state to its ideal, you’re going to find that your impulses are different, your motivations are different, your beliefs and perceptions are different. But the shape and circumstances of your life can often reinforce your old patterns.

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Integration: Riding the Spectrum

Our old way of managing our internal environment was to highlight some states and diminish others. It can be tempting to engage in this state chasing after you’ve mapped and moved a really uncomfortable feeling. However, in this exercise you will use your feeling state maps to deliberately revisit your old, reactive states.

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Integration: Rewriting the Past

When you shift into an ideal state, take some time with your past. You don’t have to do it right away, but at some point within a few days of shifting a state, look back on those times in which the old, reactive state used to be triggered.

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Integration: Rehearsing the Future

In the same way that we can go back and rewrite our interpretations of the past, we can imagine ourselves into the future to re-craft our expectations. By doing so, we can make it easier and more likely that we will respond in new ways to situations that used to trigger our reactive states.

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Integration: As Within, So Without

In doing the work of Feelingwork, it is natural for us to gradually evolve our outer lives to more fully match our inner lives. But sometimes that natural evolution can be obstructed. In these cases, it can be very important to draw the focus of change inward.

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Integration: Spontaneous Re-Patterning

It might seem that changing a life is a lot of work. It might seem after you have mapped and moved half a dozen feeling states, or a full set of nine, that you should take a step back and make a five year plan. I can tell you that is unnecessary.

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Integration: Revisiting Developmental Tasks

The deeper the work you do, especially when you work with full, nine-part sets, or even more so when you dig deep into three-set constellations, the more likely it is for you to find yourself in a place where you feel like a raw novice in some area of your life.

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Integration: An Issue vs. a Life

When working with a focused issue, the work will most often remain somewhat limited in scope. But it is rare that anyone has an issue which is truly isolated, and clearing this first issue will reveal another pattern which had previously been hidden.

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