Integration: Spontaneous Re-Patterning

One of a series of exercises and reflections for expanding the benefits of mapping and moving one or more feeling states…

It might seem that changing a life is a lot of work. It might seem after you have mapped and moved half a dozen feeling states, or a full set of nine, that you should take a step back and make a five year plan. I can tell you that is unnecessary.

All that is required to change a life is to show up, moment by moment, with your newly liberated feeling parts. You will find yourself making dozens and hundreds of small choices differently than the choices you previously would have made. They may be infinitesimally small, these differences in choices, but together they begin to accumulate. By a thousand small choices a life takes off in an altogether new direction.

When you allow yourself the freedom not to know what the ultimate outcome is, when you support yourself in being fully present to the moment, you set in motion the grand forces of creation. Creation is rooted firmly in the present. It is not attached to the future. It is not trapped in the past.

When you stand fully in the present, you are open to notice your next step, and the next one, and the next. When you are open fully to the sophisticated and wise feedback of your feelings, you make your choices incorporating not just conscious preferences but you also include deeper threads and pulses outside of your awareness. Some of those pulses arise from within you, while others may arise from outside you. Your feelingmind has the power to synthesize the full spectrum of influences bearing down on this moment, in your life, in you. And it has the power to know, to simply know, what is next.

In the old days this might have been called intuition, or “gut” feeling if you were a guy. What it is, though, is presence as a fully conscious human being. This is what it means to be alive, aware, free. This is what we are born to experience in every moment, to be caught up in the flow of life, fully at choice yet paradoxically fully surrendered to the current.

Inhabiting this place of presence, you will find the world responds differently to you. You experience yourself as yourself, with nothing in the way of the real you. Others around you can sense that. They respond to it. They want some of it for themselves. You find yourself with more opportunities for friendship, for work, for fun, than you imagined possible. And it is all just simply because you are showing up. Now. And now. And now.

And through this showing up, through the gradual accretion of dozens and hundreds and thousands of moments, your life transforms. It transforms not because you have transformed it through an act of will. It transforms because you have opened yourself to forces greater than yourself, forces from within as well as those from without, and together those forces reconstitute the experience of your life in shapes and shades you find more authentic, more satisfying, more fulfilling.

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