Interview with Dr. Fred Moss of the Global Madness Documentary Project

A few weeks ago I had the delightful opportunity to meet Dr. Fred Moss, a psychiatrist who is deeply questioning our cultural ideas about mental health and mental illness. He believes our current medical framing of mental illness, with its prioritizing of medication as the first line of treatment for nearly all forms of human suffering, does more harm than good. 

In alignment with his beliefs, Dr. Fred has stopped prescribing medications altogether, and is now underway on a project to raise awareness about the toxic effects of the medical model of mental illness, and to open to other stories on mental well-being sourced from around the world. This project is called Global Madness, “a breakthrough new documentary series that explores the global state of ‘mental illness,’ with a mission to discover new ways of talking about, diagnosing, and treating ‘mental illness’ through authentic and inspirational storytelling.” 

Dr. Fred and I had a couple of vibrant, stirring conversations while he was passing through Seattle. The man inspires me and I’m thrilled about what he’s up to. Out of those conversations he asked to interview me for his Global Madness community, asking about the journey of my work. Here’s what we talked about.

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