Louise 7: Further Reflections

In this final installment in the series featuring Louise sharing her story, I share a few final thoughts.

The big work that Louise did is really just the beginning of her journey. Releasing the old, reactive patterns and accessing the ideal states has freed up a massive amount of creative energy for life. Now, these feeling parts and the sub-personality sets they coordinate to form are able to do the work of supporting her life, guiding her decisions, bringing that experience of wholeness with presence to every day.

Having these ideal states fully available doesn’t mean life suddenly becomes easy, though. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, there are big transitions to be made. It’s like turning a big cargo ship; she has momentum in a certain direction, has made choices up until now that have created certain real constraints in her life and deprived her of certain important developmental experiences. Now is the time of doing the work to discern and remove those constraints and make her way through those key experiences which will bring her up to date with the capacity for full-on life she now has available on the inside.

Now she is able to seek those experiences and make those new choices as herself, without the distortions created by the reactive feeling configurations she’s released. Now she is able to make those choices with full access to the inner wisdom of these parts of her, able to feel on the inside the possible consequences of various options and choose the actions and commitments which lead her toward her optimum joy.

So the second reason things can continue to be challenging for a time is that in many cases, the reactive configurations came into being during crucial developmental stages. In those developmental stages, when our needs are not supported, we often solve the developmental challenge in a dysfunctional way that best meets the distortions of our environment. Once we regain the fullness of our creative life force, we often need to address that particular development challenge all over again. This time we have more resources available, but it’s still a phase we need to complete, and it can take time and effort to do so.

Finally, the work we did does not encompass Louise’s entire self. Despite working with three sets of nine feeling parts each, (it seems like a lot, right?), this is but a small fraction of Louise’s complete inner landscape. Very likely there are other constellations with reactive configurations that echo that of the constellation we shifted here.

It seems that as we go through the long series of developmental challenges in life, when we are not fully supported in doing so with wholeness and get caught very early in reactive configurations compensating for dysfunction around us, those early configurations influence how subsequent developmental challenges are experienced and solved. Of course, as well, we often pass through later challenges surrounded by the same environment with its same impinging dysfunctions, and so will often be forced to compensate in similar ways.

I’ve found in my own deep work, it seems that there are but a few themes that weave their way through my psyche, and I must address them each in their different forms as they relate to the different contexts of my inner work.

Nevertheless, despite the ups and downs of reconfiguring the externals of her life, despite the not-knowing of being a beginner all over again in certain contexts, despite the vulnerability of a fresh new relationship with her own authenticity, Louise has available as a foundation this experience of wholeness with presence. In this wholeness with presence, she gets to experience the awesome richness of her inner life and the wondrous variety of influences and relationships available all around her. She gets to make her new choices from a smorgasbord of options and creatively craft her new life as an artist working with a full palette of color. Life is good.

In our last session, a little less than three months after our first, I captured these thoughts from Louise in my notes:

Things have been shifting into place. So much more comfort, ease, trust in my health, understanding of my writing, freedom in my relationship. This is the self that was always possible, the understanding I’ve always been seeking.

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