Power and Potentiality: A Poem

A poem written by a client about some Feelingwork she did on her own after an intensive week of work with me.


In the valley of his journey of self-finding
He shared his state of mind and feeling
Brought me to the valley of our rainbow unending
And to the valley of my own adventure metamorphosing
Pain buried in this life and past lives awakening

My lower abdomen cools down
Cries out
Turns into solid substance in dark purple
Heavy, hard, thick
Ovaries punch like two fists
Angry, sad, helpless
Womb fights as a disheartened girl
Wobbling, piercing, restless

Whole area in nagging pain
Wounded, unsettled
Longs for cherishing, healing

I embrace the pain as my dearest
With compassion
Inviting her to manifest her true form

Gradually lower belly heats up
Turns into purifying liquid in orange sky-blue
Soft, light, transparent
Light shines through, radiating
Joyfully abdomen sings
Elegantly ovaries and womb dance
Expanding herself upward to heart, head and heaven above
Extending downward to legs, feet and earth below
I am delight and sensuality
I am tenderness and beauty
I am power and potentiality

~ Grace

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