State Group: Big Will

Connection to Flow

Liquid/water. Gentle flow, little surges, out and back in. Slightly cooler than body temp, refreshing. This situates and embeds me within Infinite Flow. A shimmering


Very slow, gentle movement, drifting; in and around me, about 3 feet outside. A soft, slightly luminous, white mist, like a cloud. Neutral temp. Buoyant,

Infinite Flow

A thick, dense liquid with zero viscosity, no surface tension, completely permeating everything. Deep purple-blue color, transparent but deeply tinted. Fully a source of life

Go Deep

Warm water, clear, transparent. Outside, holding me. Flows down through my body, 6 feet into the space below me, back up around sides and front,


Like a firm rubber “pinky” ball, but nearly weightless. Fills my body and about six inches beyond. Vivid red. Neutral temp. No movement. Constant sound

Infinite Support

A rush of galactic energy, rising up from below me, entering every cell and moving powerfully upward and outward. Intense reds and purples, very deep


Luminous energy, full body. Circulates and radiates inward/outward as if like breath. Gold, yellow, pink, orange. Connects to and expresses Big Will. Sound of deep,

Joyful Strength

Full body energy, slight pressure outward as if there is almost more life than can fit into the space. Color of a sunset: pink, orange,

Big Will

A red-orange-yellow energy ball at my solar plexus, about 8 inches diameter. Hot. Sound of gas fire jets. Steady, intense at center and white-hot; more