State Group: Connection-Phobic


Full metal jacket; wrought iron cage, rustic black iron. One or two inches outside my whole body. Cool. No movement. You can’t hurt me. I

Resistance to Being Controlled

Blasting, exploding fire energy in my heart. Hot! Red, forcing outward, radiating powerfully. I must fight this! NO! I refuse. You can’t make me!

Destruction Inside

Crackling energy, numb. Cold like a chill. One inch outside, three inches inside. Gray. Crackling like cellophane. Mostly a fine particle energy, some larger streamers.


Fuzzy, hot, red energy on my skin. Vibrates quickly. Pissed off when others aren’t happy even though I am sublimating my needs for them. No

Being Controlled

Like hard rubber, pushing down on head and shoulders; through back, gripping and crushing my heart. Neutral temp. Black. I am being controlled by you.

Stuffing Feelings

Thick gas. Cool. Light gray. Inside Armored, in and around my body. Not much movement. Everything is OK. I’m fine as long as everyone is

Painful Disconnect

Sick feeling through back of torso and concentrated in stomach and pelvis; oozing tar, heavy, thick, sticky; uncomfortably warm, triggers hot flash; black; turning, pulsing,

Deeply Worthless

Sticky black tar. Filling my pelvic girdle, moving with slow churning as if by worms. Warm/neutral temp. I am hopeless. I am disgusting and shameful.

Needing to Be Rescued

Throat, upper lungs; solid; cool, like steel; stainless steel color; squeezing, hurts, pressure from throat to stomach; sound, “Help me!” Why won’t you help me?