The Full Shift: Authority becomes Liberation.

Part 18 of a continuing series, (see Part 1 here), documenting and reflecting on a set of states I mapped and moved in 2008. The set revolves around a deeply buried, internalized violence taken on in childhood and adolescence in response to experiences with my father.

It’s always nice to see the visual summary after doing all the work to map and move a full set. Here’s what the set looks like, moving from Authority to Liberation. Below/beside the image is the sequential listing of states as they were mapped and moved. Each is linked to the post which takes you through the mapping or moving in depth. At the bottom of the page are two composite images showing the complete set, before and after moving all the states.

I’ve organized the ideal states according to the architecture of a nine-part set. Making sense of this will require a series of articles I haven’t posted yet. It’s coming.



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