A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Anticipating the Future

TIMECODE: 1:36:27

J: Projecting forward, imagining the next time somebody hugs you, or expresses…

S: Well I was thinking just going to the grocery story. I mean, that’s the next task outside my home I have to do. And it’s like, Oh, I could just be standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, or going up and down the aisles, or whatever.

J: Yeah.

S: It’s just like, Oh! I could just be sending love out into whole grocery store, and receiving love back, and it doesn’t even have to be love that’s specifically meant to be for me. But just the love that’s inside the hearts of the people in the grocery store. The Heart Math people have figured out that the electromagnetic field of the heart is somewhere on the average 20 to 40 feet.

J: Wow.

S: So it’s like, wow, the grocery store is full of these electromagnetic fields of 20 to 40 feet of all the people in the grocery store intersecting one another.

J: That’s a nice image.

S: Yeah. 

J: And now, without that barrier, that’s available to you.

S: Yeah. So like moving through a field of love, an electromagnetic field, an energetic field of love.

J: Right, right.

S: Which feels really safe. So that’s the Exquisite Safety. A very different emotional state or feeling state.

J: Mm hm. Would you anticipate it will affect your experience of circling?

S: Yeah, I would, actually, because, I mean like recalling that idea about the electromagnetic fields, it’s like yes, we’re all on the computer screen. Yesterday on a call we happened to have somebody in Norway and someone in Australia, a huge geographic distance, and then us in Texas, in the middle. But I mean it was a huge geographic distance. And yet, you know, we could feel that field amongst us. So I think it does give me an even deeper way to connect in this global community that has quite a great, a lot of geographic distance.

J: Yes, that’s great.

S: And just remembering that our hearts are sending, I mean, this is not something we control. I don’t say to my heart, “OK, only a 10-foot electromagnetic field now. OK, now you can have a 30-foot one.” It’s just doing what it’s doing. So it doesn’t even have to be that I’m having loving thoughts. My heart is out there doing that, just like I’m breathing, and I don’t have to think, “OK, In. Out.”

J: Right, right.

S: It’s doing that. That’s a very different world view.

J: What’s cool is it sounds like, like you said, this has been an idea. You’ve known this.

S: The facts, yes.

J: But it hasn’t been a felt experience.

S: Right.

J: And now you’re actually already feeling the difference of actually having it be embodied.

S: Yeah.

J: That’s great. 

S: Yeah, I mean, there’s seven point three billion people on the planet with hearts that all are having electromagnetic fields. And even the ones, I’m assuming even psychopaths or whatever, their heart does this too, not in their conscious control. You know? There’s nothing that I’ve read about the electromagnetic fields of the heart that says, “OK, if you’re a psychopath or if you’re a really mean person, then you don’t have an electromagnetic field on your heart.” I think you do anyway. Which expands my understanding of The Course of Miracles, which is my spiritual path, which is, there is only love. (And… it can seem like there’s a lot of other stuff.)

J: Yeah.

S: You know, which is real enough in the physical plane. But in the meta view…

J: Right.

S: Yeah. So a lot to think about and be with.

J: So you’re going to have these thoughts running…

S: …percolating…

J: …through your whole body as you go to the grocery store, and go there…

S: Drive on the highway or whatever.

Here I am supporting Susan in generating a rich foretaste of her coming experience. It’s clear she is now integrating her felt experience with deeply held values. You can watch her mind connect the dots with all sorts of perspectives she has learned in the past but been unable to embody as strongly as she is now. It’s important here that I do not need to enter her world with her. All I need to do is support her in making these connections for herself in whatever way makes the most sense to her. What I get to do is enjoy the sense of discovery and liberation she exudes as she does so.