A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Completing No!


J: So, the No! – come back to the steel plate. We’ll map the Fearful Fear in a second. If you were to capture in words what seems true, or real, or important to that steel plate, what would you say?

S: Well it feels very responsible, like it’s got a very important job to do, and it really needs to do it well. So a big feeling of responsibility.

J: Right. OK. Anything else that comes to mind that you want to notice about this No! feeling?

S: Well I notice it also has a feeling of competence, like it’s up to the job.

J: Ah hah. Great. So it’s a competent protector.

S: Yes.

J: OK.

Here we are inviting this specific feeling state to express its perspective. By inviting this expression, we have an opportunity to learn more about the nature of this feeling state, what it is trying to accomplish, and what other feeling states might be interacting with it. 

It’s important that we welcome whatever the expression is, honoring the No! exactly where it is. In doing so, this part of Susan is invited to lean into the process, to trust where we’re going. (In this case, the No! is expressing something that might be conventionally considered a positive sentiment or function. But as a facilitator I want to remain positive in receiving an expression even if it might seem to be “negative” in conventional terms.)