A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Drawing Shame


J: All right. So I’m going to leave it on the same color gray. Does that make sense?

S: Yep.

J: All right. And I think I’ll zoom in a little bit further. And let’s just see where that No! comes to an end. So it’s gotta be right there.

S: Yes, right there.

J: And I’m going to start with, just kind of draw the body a little bit. And then we’ll put our spikes on it…

S: Yes…

J: And let me draw this over here… So it’s going to be… About like that?

S: Yes.

J: OK. And then let’s see if this make sense… Does this look spiky enough?

S: Yeah. Yeah.

J: I mean, I could do it a little bit differently, but this is probably OK, right?

S: Yes.

J: Lots of them.

S: Yes. Lots and lots of these little spikes. It’s like if you put your hand anywhere close to it, you’re going to encounter pokes.

J: Yeah. OK. How does that look?

S: That looks just right.

J: All right.

When I facilitate Feelingwork, I use two computers: a desktop computer to track the notes and the emerging structure of the feeling states, and a tablet for drawing. When I work with someone in person, I just hand them the tablet and they draw the image themselves. In those cases, we’re generally not talking while they are drawing. I’m including these little exchanges because it seems to bring the conversation more alive on the page.