A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Drawing the Ideal States

TIMECODE: 1:19:37

J: All right. How about we start with the Exquisite Safety?

S: Sure.

J: And if I remember right, we had a gray somewhere around there, and metallic… and we could do this just as a flat, just like that…

S: Yeah, that’s fine.

J: OK. Does that work?

S: Yes.

J: We could add a little perspective there, but that just complicates things. As long as that captures it for you, that’s good.

S: Yes.

J: And we have Spaciousness. And this is the shawl, right? 

S: Yes.

J: So that’s sort of a light cream color, right?

S: Yes.

J: So… something like that. Is that a good color?

S: Yeah.

J: So it’s kind of like this?

S: Uh, yes. And if you can draw it where it goes up to the edges of my neck so it has the notion that it’s going all the way around behind me. Yeah.

J: And it’s also front and back, right?

S: It’s around the back of me.

J: But not around the front.

S: No. 

J: So it comes… something like that?

S: Yeah.

J: OK. And… It’s like the body is transparent in the drawing.

S: Yes.

J: OK. And then, the Infinite Love, now that one is going to take some imagination, eh?

S: Well if you just draw something that covers the entire sheet of paper.

J: OK. So we can start with… Oh, this is the iridescent one.

S: Yeah, it’s the iridescent sparkly.

J: OK. The way I’m going to do this iridescent thing is…

S: It can have glitter, yeah. It can be glittery.

J: And so we’re going to go with… We’re going to go with several different colors…

S: So I’m imaging them like pastel colors, maybe.

J: Right. So here’s the way we’ll do that.

S: Yes, yes.

J: What would you change?

S: Can it somehow be sparkly?

J: Yes, let’s figure out some sparkly. How about if we… Let’s try this. We might need a little bit of a background on this. If I do this…

S: Yes. Yes, there they are.

J: All right. How’s that?

S: Perfect.

J: Sweet!

J: And then we have Receiving. And that’s the golden… so the yellow-yellow-yellow.

S: Yes.

J: Is that a good yellow?

S: Yes. I’ll know when I see it on the person.

J: And the thickness of it, sort of like that?

S: Yeah. Yes. A little brighter or lighter, maybe just a tiny bit?

J: You bet.

S: Yes, that’s it.

J: OK. How’s that for the side view?

S: Yes.

J: And then the front…

S: Yes. And even out to the edges of my arms. Yeah, there you go. So it completely is going to cover everything that was there before.

J: Right. How’s that?

S: That’s it.

J: OK, I’m going to make this one just a little bit bigger here. Perfect?

S: Yes.

The drawings speak for themselves here. I’m just doing my best to capture Susan’s internal images.