A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Final Thoughts

TIMECODE: 1:32:23

J: All right, so, any thoughts?

S: No, I mean, it does feel like there isn’t any boundary or barrier any more to letting love in. I mean like, I’ll find out the next time somebody hugs me or whatever.

J: Right. 

S: But just checking in with my body right now, I don’t feel any barrier.

J: Right. Well, this seems like it was a great little tour here, little excursion.

S: And what I noticed is, and I think you pointed to this before, but actually getting to what the heart of it is, getting down to it, as soon as I got there it started shifting without me even making any effort to shift it.

J: Right, right.

S: When I got to the Shame, which I didn’t know was there, and I think the key point was when you asked me, “if you feel into the body of the Shame,” as soon as I located the heart, and it started pulsing, it was already done. 

J: On the way.

S: There was the exploration, the doing of it, but it was like, “Oh!” The love that I thought was out there, that I needed to be cautious about receiving was already inside.

J: Yeah, yeah. And its natural state is, there’s love everywhere.

S: Yes.

J: No shortage.

S: Right. Yeah. And I think the sensation that I will carry with me is the expanding infinitely out and then flowing back, and then even further out, which means there’s more to come back, which is there’s more to give out… so, which is consistent or congruent with how I think love is anyway. The more you give, the more you can receive, and the more you receive, the more there is to give. That’s just how it works. But actually experiencing the sensation of that.

J: Great.

S: So I would say it’s moving it from an intellectual idea to a felt sensation.

J: Right.

Susan’s reflections capture a very significant shift in her inner experience of being able to let love in. We accomplished this without any discussion of Susan’s past, no analysis of her beliefs, no story. All we did here is to bring Susan’s awareness to the actual, felt experience of the barrier to love, and support her in following the natural impulse to shift and release.

Next, to help set things in motion, I’ll invite Susan to imagine herself into the future having access to the new, ideal states.