A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Identifying Love


J: So. Now I have one more question for you about the Shame.

S: Sure.

J: If you bring your attention to the body part of it, and just scan through the center, do you notice anything? Is it the same kind of substance all the way through the center, or is there something else in there?

S: What immediately I saw when you said like scanning through its body, so it’s like the part inside the quills, the spikes…

J: Mm hm.

S: I mean there was almost like this little red valentine heart in there, that, you know, it’s the same substance or like it’s soft like the rest of the body, so it’s not like hard, but there was very much this little, I mean literally, almost like a valentine heart inside it.

J: Uh huh. OK. So what would you like to call that?

S: And I would just say love. 

J: OK.

S: It’s Love.

Aha! Just as I suspected. The hidden state being protected by all those spikes is a vulnerable little thing called Love. 

Notice the chuckles here and while mapping the porcupine Shame. It’s quite extraordinary in this process that people are often able to engage with quite distressing feeling states and maintain enough of a safe and stable witness perspective as to have a sense of humor about it all. 

I’ll just say, though, that this is not always the case. Sometimes Feelingwork will lead to very heavy, dark places. While the mapping process does provide a measure of separation, facing and entering these places can be exhausting, especially when you’re working on your own without a facilitator.