A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Moving Fearful Fear

TIMECODE: 1:08:48

J: Let’s check in with what happened with the Fear. So now that you have access to Infinite Love and Receiving…?

S: It’s like, if it were fog, it’s like when the sun shines really brightly the fog just disappears, or dissipates. 

J: OK. So let’s follow it. So this part of you has a gift for you. And let’s say that the fog does dissipate, but it has the opportunity, from that dissipated place, wherever that is, to contemplate how does it want to come back into the space in and around your body in such a way as to offer you its greatest gift? 

…And in doing so, if it were free to take on qualities of any substance at all, would it prefer to be more like a solid, or a liquid, or a gas, or some kind of pure light or energy, or something else?

S: It feels like a soft blanket. Very, like cashmere, very light weight. Not even a blanket; like a cashmere shawl that’s literally, you notice it’s on your skin but there’s no weight to it. And it’s very soft.

J: Ahh. So the temperature is like a neutral temperature, or warm? What temperature would you say it seems to be?

S: Neutral.

J: And if it were free to be any color at all, what color would it most want to be?

S: Kind of a cream color, an ivory. 

J: Opaque, translucent, transparent?

S: Opaque.

J: And so the location is like a shawl, or if it could be free to locate itself anywhere, where would it most want to be?

S: It’s maybe six inches away from my body. So it would be as if I could feel the presence of it, but I’m not at all wrapped up or bound in it.

J: Ah hah. Great. And around your whole body? Is it like a…?

S: No, just from my waist to my chin. Kind of like overall where everything else was before.

J: OK. And does it want to be moving in any way?

S: No. It seems to be still.

J: OK. And does it want to have any kind of inner sound to express its nature?

S: Like some kind of soft humming, almost like a lullaby sound or a soothing sound. It doesn’t necessarily have a melody, but just some kind of comforting hum.

J: Anything else to notice about what this wants to be?

S: No. I don’t think so.

J: And so from this new place, if this part of you were free to express in words what feels true, or real, or important, what would it say?

S: You’re safe, and protected.

J: Mm hm. OK.

S: Before, in the very beginning when I was saying it felt like if I let the love in it would just be too much, or overwhelming, this is like, “No. It will never be too much. However much it is, you’re safe, you’re protected. You can let it all in and it won’t be too much.”

J: OK. And what new name would you like to give this?

S: Spaciousness..

In moving Fearful Fear, we come across a common response when Susan expresses the fog wanting to just dissipate. Again, parts persist. If the fog dissipates from her awareness, it does so by relocating somewhere outside her awareness and we can track it down or invite it back into awareness. To do a complete job of releasing the old and building the strongest new pattern, we will want to track each state to its new ideal.