A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Moving Love

TIMECODE: 1:02:10

J: We could draw Receiving right now. Or we can go ahead and move one of the other ones.

S: It almost feels like this did move everything else.

J: Yeah? Well let’s just check in and see what happened, see where the other things went. Let’s check in with the Love. Now that Shame has become Receiving, what does the Love get to be?

S: The Love just gets to be more and more and more. It stays Love, but it’s free to be as big as the universe. It can be as big as it wants to be. There are no restraints on it.

J: So in a perfect world, with access to Receiving, if this part of you were free to be as big as it wants to be, how big would it want to be?

S: Truly as big as the universe, like out into the galaxy, beyond the Milky Way. Huge, it wouldn’t have any boundaries at all.

J: OK. And in becoming beyond-galaxy, infinite universe size, if it were free to take on qualities of any substance at all, would it want to be more like a solid, liquid, gas, pure light, energy, or something else, what would it most want to be?

S: Pure light, I think. 

J: And this pure light, what temperature would it want to be?

S: I don’t think it has a temperature, really. I mean, definitely warm contrasted to cold, but it doesn’t feel like light really has a temperature.

J: OK. And what color does it want to be, if it could be any color or colors at all?

S: Iridescent, like all colors. 

J: Is there a certain pattern, or a way that these colors are distributed?

S: No.

J: OK. And is it moving at all? Is this light flowing, radiating, pulsing, vibrating, circulating?

S: It feels like it’s going out to infinity, however far that is, and then coming all the way back to me, like to my physical body. And then like all the way out, and then all the way back. Like bringing everything back and then putting it out, and each time it goes out it goes further, brings more back, sends more out, constantly expanding.

J: Great. OK. And what about sound: if you listen to this, what sound wants to be there as a way of more fully expressing its nature?

S: It’s kind of back to the music of the spheres. I think the stars are supposed to sing or make some kind of a sound, so whatever that sound is.

J: All right. Anything else to notice about what this wants to be?

S: I don’t think so.

J: All right. And so from this new place, what feels true, or real, or important?

S: Well in this space, Shame and Fear and No! are not even concepts. They don’t even exist. It’s like they don’t even make sense. They’re not even present. It’s like if it’s August and it’s summertime, the concept of snow is completely irrelevant, you know? It’s 100 degrees, there’s not going to be snow.

J: Right. So what’s important to you about that?

S: Just the expansiveness and the freedom and the possibility. 

J: Anything else to notice about what this wants to be?

S: I think that’s it.

J: What name would you like to give it?

S: Infinite Love.

Susan experienced moving the Shame to Receiving as a complete transformation of the entire pattern. This lets me know we have done a good job identifying the pivot state for this cluster. Still, this kind of wholesale shift is unusual. To make sure we have done a complete job, I lead her through an explicit moving of each of the remaining three states. This will help cement her awareness of the new, ideal states, helping to fully release the old pattern, create more explicit connections among the new states, and integrate the new possibilities.