A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Moving No!

TIMECODE: 1:15:00

J: All right. Should we check in with the steel plate, the No!?

S: Yes.

J: All right then. So, you’re getting the hang of this, I’m just going to open up the…

S: Well it feels like the steel plate has gone down under my feet, like it’s this very solid foundation. 

J: Mm hm.

S: So if we’re doing the floating out in the universe thing, it’s like the steel plate, now its job is to be the foundation. There’s something to come back to. There’s something solid.

J: Right.

S: So I don’t just expand expand expand expand and never stop expanding. This is when the energy comes back, it comes back and it’s got the home base, so to speak. 

J: Got it. So let’s explore, what does the substance want to be? Does it still want to be steel, or…?

S: Yup. It’s the same as it always was.

J: OK. 

S: It’s just completely re-purposed.

J: So the same substance and color?

S: Yep, same everything.

J: How about temperature? Still cold?

S: Cool. Yeah, it’s still a little cool. Everything else is warm, so it’s like the cool is a contrast to be the homing beacon or something. It needs to be just slightly different than everything else so it can be easily located.

J: Mm hm. And what about the size and shape of it? Is it the same exact…?

S: Still the same. It literally is that same steel plate. It’s just completely re-purposed.

J: But it’s horizontal now.

S: Right. Now it’s horizontal as if it’s under my feet.

J: OK. And now, any inner sound that comes with this?

S: It’s that same kind of low tone that it was before, and again, the purpose is like a homing beacon or like the signal.

J: And so from this new place, what does part of you bring? What does this part of you most want you to know?

S: That I’m safe, that there’s a place to come home to.

J: Right.

S: No matter how much everything goes out, there’s a big, solid place that it can come back. So it’s really just an exquisite safety. I’m not going to be lost.

J: Great. And what new name would you like to give this?

S: I would say Exquisite Safety, just what it feels like.

J: Great.

In moving, No! has kept its properties except for location. In its new location it serves a function, Exquisite Safety, that is intimately connected to the Infinite Love. After moving a cluster of states we often see very close, functional relationships developing between the ideal states.