A Feelingwork Session in Detail: Receiving Love

Next Steps


J: So does it feel to you like it would be more of a relief to shift the Shame first or one of the others?

S: No. It’s definitely from the inside out in this case.

J: Mm hm. And the Shame, that could shift and the Love would be OK with that.

S: Well, it’s like the Love wants to…

J: Wants to expand, right…

S: …yeah, it wants to… I mean, it’s kind of like, sort of vaporize or… I think vaporize would be the right word. It’s not like blow it up, but it’s just like dissipate it, disappear it.

J: Yeah, yeah. All right, well let’s see what happens with shifting the Shame.

Here I’m confirming with Susan my instinct to move Shame before the others. Notice how she’s already anticipating what might want to happen. In her mind, the best thing would be for the Shame to “dissipate” or “disappear.” She hasn’t yet had the experience of moving a state, so this is a natural impulse. 

In Feelingwork, however, we learn that feeling states don’t ever “disappear.” They change, yes, but they maintain an exquisite continuity of presence. This is an important principle in Feelingwork. A state that seems to “disappear” can always be found, and when guided through the moving process will enable access to a strong, positive resource that would not otherwise be available. Loss of a negative is not a positive. Transforming a negative into a positive is our goal.