Joe Shirley

Updating My Big-Picture Strategy

I want to mark a transition. Over the last several months I’ve been re-visioning the direction of the work, and my relationship to it. Here I want to give context to some changes and new offerings.

Pushing Pause, Going to Edinburgh

Spring has been attending and presenting at the Climate Change and Consciousness conference in Findhorn, Scotland. I’ll be meeting her in Edinburgh to spend a few days revisiting the starting point for my journey of discovery.

And the Possibilities…

But how many millions (billions?) of people are living with their own Vicious Enforcers holding them hostage from within? The tragedy in my personal story is not that it took me decades to liberate myself. I would not trade one second of my journey for any other.

The Enforcers in Us All

I am extremely lucky. Normally this sort of internalized violence gets passed down from one generation to the next. That could easily have happened through me as well. I had absorbed the essential ingredients to become an abuser or worse.

Reflections on Liberation

At the time I completed this set, I was very hopeful about the impact of the Liberation set in my life. Immediately I felt a convergence of energy toward more successfully sharing my work in the world. But it didn’t last all that long. Within a few months I was back in a loop that kept me from moving forward.

Releasing Fear and Reasonableness

Let me briefly cover the shifting of the last two reactive states, Fear and Reasonableness. In this post I’ll keep it short, sharing only the actual notes from these two states, and I’ll hold off commenting on the whole until the next couple of articles.

Finding Liberation

After moving Confusing Paralysis and Contempt, I was ready to revisit Angry at Myself. This part turned out to also have the quality of reversing its direction between the reactive and ideal expressions, and revealed itself to be the third of the three source parts. I’ll start by sharing the exploration I did at the beginning of the session.

Releasing Paralysis and Contempt

Now that Vicious Enforcer was no longer waiting to strike, I was free to move the many layers of defense which had become piled on top of it. The next day, I settled in at my favorite cafe, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work. Angry at Myself called my attention.